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Ten Plants We Love For Eco Gardens

At Eco Landscape our goal is to always work with drought resistant, low maintenance plants that look great year round. When we thought about compiling a list of our favorite eco friendly plants, it was impossible to control ourselves. There are just so many that we love! Below find our top ten…


  1. Aeoniums
    Reminiscent of some exotic sea creature or an unfurled artichoke, aeoniums come in beautiful hues of purple and green. Drought tolerant and virtually maintenance free, they are a stand out in any garden. The Cyclops variety, with their huge one-eyed heads, are a particular favorite of ours. They are gorgeous!

    Sundowner Flax

  2. Flax
    So incredibly versatile, flax somehow find their way into most of our gardens. Flax comes in many colors (bright yellows, pinks, bronze, dark reds, bright reds and green) and they look great mixed in with almost all other plants. From dwarf Jack Sprat and Tom Thumb to the massive Maori Kings and Purple Flax, this is an architectural plant that gives structure to your garden, can serve as a large color focus or a be mass planting statement. Maintenance is a cinch, just pull out the dry leaves from the base and these will keep growing up and outwards. And please, don’t let your gardener cut off their gorgeous points!


  3. Leucadendron
    Super unique and from South Africa, leucadendron are flowering plants that offer incredible colors and year round interest. The Safari Sunset variety is particularly striking with its bright red summertime inflorescence that turns bright yellow in winter, and they offer amazing cuttings to enjoy inside.


  4. Silver Sheen Pittosporum
    These lacey trees with their black stems and dainty, shimmering, bright green leaves have totally modernized the concept of the common hedge. Thank you Silver Sheen Pittosporum!


  5. Blue Flame Agave
    This elegant blue hued plant is unique and a welcome change from the commonly seen and typically used agaves in Southern California. The Blue Flame Agave’s voluptuous leaves radiate out from its center and truly resemble a blue colored fire in suspended animation. When asked to execute a garden that has no irrigation the agave family is one of the first that comes to mind.


  6. Penstemon Margarita Bop
    Once established, this great California native, with its abundant and sumptuous blue flowers, is as tough as nails and never becomes a problem by growing too big or requiring extra attention. It stays compact and is especially loved because it never gets too leggy…one of our biggest pet peeves!


  7. Satsuma Mandarin
    Who doesn’t want to grow their own fruit? The Satsuma Mandarin is a dwarf citrus with delicious and easy to peel fruit that is perfect for a family orchard and also thrives in pots.

    Arbutus Marina

  8. Strawberry Tree – Arbutus ‘Marina’
    In addition to being a beautiful evergreen like our native Madrone, the Marina Strawberry Tree has a gorgeous peeling cinnamon bark that provides year round interest. It has pendulous, autumnal, pink flower groupings which yield in summertime to vibrant yellow, red and orange fruit. It is easy to grow and drought resistant after established. A favorite of hummingbirds, other frugivores and us.

    leymus canyon prince

  9. Leymus Condensatus
    This beautiful, drought resistant grass (aka Elymus Condensatus ‘Canyon Prince’) grows in dense clusters and can reach 2-3 feet in a dry location or larger if watered regularly. It has flower stalks that rise 1-2 feet above the foliage and are topped with tight, congested clusters of flowers. It is more striking and less invasive than European Dune Grass. We love the cool blue green shade of this plant, perfect for a more modern color palette.


  10. Dianella Little Rev
    Looking for a great accent, border or mass planting? Look no further. Dianella Little Rev offers the ideal combination of small size and architectural form, and mixed will with so many of the other grasses. Also a gorgeous shade of green, this little beauty is happy in sun or shade.