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Archive for March, 2013

Ten Plants We Love For Eco Gardens

At Eco Landscape our goal is to always work with drought resistant, low maintenance plants that look great year round. When we thought about compiling a list of our favorite eco friendly plants, it was impossible to control ourselves. There are just so many that we love! Below find our top ten…


  1. Aeoniums
    Reminiscent of some exotic sea creature or an unfurled artichoke, aeoniums come in beautiful hues of purple and green. Drought tolerant and virtually maintenance free, they are a stand out in any garden. The Cyclops variety, with their huge one-eyed heads, are a particular favorite of ours. They are gorgeous!
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Mulch – Nature’s Greatest Gardening Secret


If you’ve ever traipsed through a forest you’ve no doubt noticed how leaves or pine nettles covering the floor provide a soft cushion to walk on in addition to beautiful ground cover. Though you may not have realized it, you were walking on nature’s own mulch – a product of millions of years of experimentation and evolution conducted by nature to arrive at the perfect method for replenishing the soil with organic material, retaining moisture and defending from incursion by weeds. Read More